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Fully Alive Fitness

You can choose your level of participation from the two programs available. Your level of involvement may depend on your goals and approach to success. The programs are a 4 month commitment and are client driven. It is the athlete's responsibility to stay in contact with the coach weekly by reporting in via completing your training log, email or phone messages. This includes booking appointments and testing times.


There is an initial 4 month commitment required in each program. After the first 4 month period, you are required to inform Fully Alive Fitness by email or phone of your discontinuation in the program. Failure to do so will result in continued monthly charges for the access to the website coaching and services.

If for some reason you cannot utilize this service due to injury, the service can be transferred or a credit can be given as agreed upon by coaching staff.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please do not hesitate to contact Clayton at coach@fullyalivefitness.ca


Working with a dedicated coach is one of the best ways to boost your race-day performance and fulfill your athletic potential. Workouts will become specific to the goals of the athlete. You will receive support with goal setting, race planning, a year plan designed specific to your goals. Individually tailored workouts to fit your busy lifestyle will be closely monitored by your coach. Initiated by the athlete, you will have regular e-mail contact with your coach and one phone call per month to your coach. $150/month

Payment Arrangements

  • Payment is accepted by cheque, cash or money order
  • Please make cheques payable to Fully Alive Fitness
  • All fees must be received by the 25th of each month and dated for the 25th of each month. NO FEE, NO PROGRAM!
  • Mail Payment to: e-mail coach@fullyalivefitness.ca

You must first e-mail coach@fullyalivefitness.ca to fill out an Athlete Application. Once approved, you can pay for the coaching services using the following link for Paypal or by submitting all paperwork and payments through the mail.


Online Training Log

"The glory of God is man fully alive." - Saint Irenaeus