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Fully Alive Fitness

Fully Alive Fitness is offering a variety of group training opportunities in the Prince George area. Go to the Training page to view these services.

Program Consultation

Do you have a program that you designed yourself? Have you picked a training plan from a book or magazine? Would you like professional guidance on your program or are you unsure of how the program can be modified to best suit your needs? Fully Alive Fitness will analyze your program and make specific suggestions for improvement and optimal results.
$80.00+GST (One time fee).

Training Plans

Fully Alive Fitness can develop up to a 16-week training plan that would prepare you for the event of your choice. Get access to your program using the Training Peaks Software. With this program, be prepared to obtain excellent fitness and become ready to race.
$80.00+GST (One time fee)

On-line Training

Fully Alive Fitness has two On-line Coaching packages available. If you are the type of athlete that prefers to train solo, or your busy schedule dictates your training times, allow Fully Alive Fitness to help you maintain a healthy balance to your life without neglecting your priorities. For more about On-line Training, just follow the link.


Online Training Log

"The glory of God is man fully alive." - Saint Irenaeus