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Fully Alive Fitness

"Clayton was an excellent coach of our high school-aged son. He knows when to push, prod, and/or nurture his athletes to help them achieve their goals. " Karen and Doug Nish

“Clayton is an experienced competitive triathlete and coach who knows what it takes to keep his clients motivated and successful whatever their sports objectives.”

Regards - Frank (recreational athlete and 2 x Ironman)

"Clayton is a passionate enthusiastic and well informed coach and athlete. If you are considering a coach, consider Clayton. Always a pleasure to work with for working toward and achieving your goals. " Hale Kuntze

"Clayton Wilkinson's coaching services are incredibly effective and inspiring! Clayton was a real privilege to work with and was able to design a coaching program that fit into my busy lifestyle. Clayton helped me to accomplish physical achievements that I never dreamed possible!!" Alison Hoskins

"Clayton is an excellent coach who understands how to work with each individual to achieving best possible outcomes. He has great knowledge and interpersonal skills, and a well-rounded and empathetic personality who knows how to build and maintain a trusting relationship with his athletes." Boris Egli

“When I was training as a junior, Clayton was sensitive to my developmental needs, keeping communication lines open, and helping to avoid the dreaded ‘burn-out’ syndrome suffered by so many up and coming athletes. But, he still managed to push the limits of what training load I thought I was capable of handling, and perhaps most importantly, he kept it fun and planted a seed of love for the sport that is still growing strong today.” Robert Fougere

“I have found Clayton to be a very enthusiastic and committed person, who sets high goals for himself and his athletes and manages to achieve most. Clayton is a coach with great natural talent.” Paul Bruce

Clayton is a goal-oriented and enthusiastic person. He has a great work ethic and is excited to make a contribution to help people. He has a real passion for the athletes he coaches and a sincere desire to learn anything and everything he can in order for his athletes to succeed.” Dr. Dru Marshall

“I have benefited from having Clayton as a coach in many ways. By identifying priority races, my training program allowed me to peak at just the right time. I was able to beat my previous years’ time on the same course by a significant time gain and I attributed this to the confidence I gained and the trust I put into Clayton. Having a coach makes me accountable for the time and quality of workouts I’m doing – the weekly contact that Clayton insists on is a great way to stay in touch and it lets him know how I’m doing and if the program is working well or needs to be adjusted.” Cheryl Jereniuk

“I had the privilege to be on Claytons’ Iceman team where I observed his determination and pursuit of excellence, while patiently encouraging the rest of us. He is clear, focused and it is obvious that he has a good understanding of the material and the mechanics of what he teaches.” Kevin Plouffe

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"The glory of God is man fully alive." - Saint Irenaeus